Kid’s Music Review (?)

I know this may seem like it’s totally unrelated to my site.  A kid’s music review and allergies?  What?  In my crazy, ADD brain, I will connect the two.  In fewer steps than it takes to connect Kevin Bacon…

In my past life, I was a music teacher.  I loved the different types of music that I was able to expose my students to.  I loved the cute, elementary school songs as well as the wonderful choral pieces for my High School choir.  Fast forward to me having 2 kids of my own that I’m trying to groom into little Mozarts!

Let’s say you are looking for a a gift to give a child that has allergies.  You can’t give them food, most of the time and if they are like my kids, they don’t REALLY need another toy!  So, another option would be music!  Kid’s music can be hard to sort through because some of it is really good and some of it is stuff that makes you want to be pecked by a bunch of chickens!

Interested in hearing some of my ideas?  How about an introduction to a blog about getting kids to read?  How about some FREE music?

I know that got your attention!

Head on over to my friend Jackie’s blog at Ready. Set. Read! and see my write up on several great ideas for kid’s music this Christmas.  You can enter to win THREE CD’s!

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  1. Jackie says:

    LOL. I think that’s a good connection. You are right about needing to think outside the box for gift giving for kids with allergies. Of course, you could just say I begged you to guest post on my blog because I think you have great taste in music! ;)

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