Gluten Free Pizza at California Pizza Kitchen

CPK to launch a gluten free crust in late June.

The scuttlebutt around is that California Pizza Kitchen is debuting a gluten free pizza crust.  They are hoping to launch this in late June.  I’m not sure about the menu and all that will be offered with this new crust, but I did put in an email to their Guest Relations to see what exactly was in the crust.  Every gluten free bread product that I’ve ever seen that actually looks edible contains eggs or other allergens.  Here is an ingredient list that I received on June 1, 2011:

Ingredients: Rice Flour, Water, Corn starch, Tapioca dextrin, Non-Fat Dry Milk, Whole Eggs, Sugar, Salt, Xanthan Gum, Baking Powder, Soybean Oil.

ALLERGENS: Milk, Eggs, Soy (Produced in a facility that also manufacturer’s dairy and tree nuts)

While this is great for people with a single allergy or gluten intolerance, it leaves those with multiple allergies wishing (and hoping and praying) for normal pizza once more.

As always, please check with your server and/or manager about the availability of this product and the precautions taken to reduce cross contamination.  I find it funny that they did not list WHEAT on their allergen list as far as production was concerned.

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3 Responses to Gluten Free Pizza at California Pizza Kitchen

  1. There needs to be more gluten free recipes. Thanks for your efforts.

  2. Thanks for supporting the gluten free family.

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