Earth Friends Cafe

After Lydia and I went to the ENT today, we were stuck with lunch by ourselves.

Darn. :)

I wanted to go someplace that was small and Panera-like, but because we were on a time crunch, I didn’t want to drive all the way to the next town to get lunch.  I remembered that there was a new place that opened up not too long ago in New Albany, so I thought we’d check it out.

From their website:

Earth Friends Cafe is a full service cafe and coffee house in New Albany, Indiana. We specialize in organic and locally produced products as well as anything cruelty-free we can use. Our menu focuses on organic fair trade coffee blends and includes traditional lattes, mochas, cappuccinos, and more! We also serve frozen frappes with flavors including Heath mocha, banana strawberry, green apple, and cotton candy. Foods that we serve will also support local businesses and organically grown ingredients.

I’m sure you’re wondering how this even remotely relates to Allergic to Air!  I went in thinking maybe we’d find something gluten free, but I wasn’t expecting that they would have gluten free and egg free wraps, as well as dairy free options!  While we didn’t order anything that was allergy free, I did have a sandwich that was definitely worth mentioning!    It was a grilled cheese sandwich with LOTS of cheese and fresh tomatoes and a smathering of pesto!  I wish that my phone had been charged up so I could have a picture for you!  It came with chips, although I think there was an option for yogurt or fresh fruit.  Lydia had a grilled cheese sandwich that looked good, too, and some freshly juiced apple lemonade that was tart, but the apple balanced it out.  It was very refreshing!

I guess not having a picture means I’ll have to go back another time. :)   They have a full line of coffee house drinks and even some yummy desserts, including torts, cookies and I think a vegan pudding!  I’m looking forward to visiting again with some of my fellow food allergy friends.

Now, as far as allergens go, this is NOT a peanut/tree nut free cafe.  They use nuts in their salads and desserts.  If you have a severe allergy in this area, I wouldn’t recommend it for you.  As far as other allergy free items go, they have a wide variety of dairy free and vegan alternatives for coffee, too.  I think I saw almond, soy and coconut, just to name a few.  They use bread from Great Harvest Bread Company and have vegan (no egg wash) and gluten free options.  They also carry a wrap that is gluten free and egg free and have non-dairy options for cheese.

While I hate that so many people are dealing with food issues, I’m glad that there are businesses that see the importance of providing products for those folks.  If you’re in the Louisville, Kentucky area, head north of the river to New Albany, Indiana and check out Earth Friends Cafe.  You can find them at 3211 Grant Line Road in the strip behind El Nopal, on Facebook or on the web at


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2 Responses to Earth Friends Cafe

  1. That sounds like a nice place! It certainly is nice to see that restaurants are catering to those with special dietary needs. :)

    • Jessica says:

      It was nice! I did get a little eye roll from my husband, just because he’s SO not into that kind of food, but as long as he humors me by letting me go, I don’t mind!

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