Over the River…

The Wabash River…and the Mississippi River…to grandmother’s house they go!

I’m getting ready to ship my kids off to see their grandparents for a whole EIGHT days!!!  Every year, right around our anniversary, our kids spend time with both sets of grandparents that live in St. Louis and we get a week to catch up on whatever needs to get done.

Hello…blog much?

Yes.  I know.  I’ll be updating more here. :)

But what I thought I’d share tonight as I finish up their packing and such, was give you an idea of what I send them with.  For those of us that take care of kids with food allergies on a regular basis, we forget how nervewracking it can be for people that are not as familiar with each kid’s set of “can and can’t haves.”  Our kids both deal with food allergies, so here are a few things I do to make things a little easier on caregivers:

A manual- I write up a few pages in a Word document on whatever I think the kids will need.  This includes routines, favorite foods, sample restaurant menu items that are safe for them and how to order them, what to look for in case of a reaction, what to do in case of an emergency, list of medications and what doses and a list of doctors.  It makes my kids sound really high maintenance, but it keeps everyone from having to make a phone call every time there’s a question.  I print this out and put it in protective sleeves and then in a 3 ring binder.  On the front, in red letters, I have  a sheet that says everything they are allergic to and what the possible reaction might be.  I update this every trip, because sometimes things have changed from the previous trip.  I also email the lists to the grandparents a week or so before, so they can prepare ahead of time.

Special foods- I can normally get a better deal on allergy free foods just because I’m on the look out all the time.  I send a few things, but the rest of the time they keep things simple and the kids don’t miss anything.  For instance, this time I’m sending rice pasta, chocolate chip cookies we baked the other day, gluten free pretzels and allergy free snack bars.

I am SO blessed that I have a relationship with my parents and inlaws that they take the kids for a visit and that I can trust them to give my kids what they need.

And that they don’t think I’m a control freak for sending my kids to their houses with a “How To” manual!!!

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  1. This is quite off topic, but I’m enchanted by your tagline! Hilarious!

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