Product Review: Suncups by Seth Ellis Chocolatier

Finally!  A sunbutter substitute for that famous peanut butter and chocolate cup!

If you’ve never heard of Suncups, well, I’m here to introduce you to them!  These are a great combination of creamy, salty and sweet sunflower seed butter with your choice of smooth milk chocolate or semi-sweet dark chocolate.

But Seth Ellis Chocolatier didn’t stop there.  They went even further in their gluten, peanut and tree nut free facility and made a caramel cup AND a mint cup, like a peppermint patty!  You can even order a sample pack for $1.99 and try them out yourself!

I was sent packs of each of the four flavors to try.  I can’t tell you how excited I was for my son to try some really good candy!  And I had to taste them too, you know, for comparison. ;)

Dark Chocolate Sun Cups

I think the Dark Chocolate Sun Cups were by far my favorite.  I can’t remember if I’ve had the dark chocolate version of those other “cups” but these were very good.  The chocolate is a good quality chocolate and if you like Sunbutter, you will love this.

Milk Chocolate Sun Cups

The Milk Chocolate Sun Cups were as close as you can get to that other, peanut infested cup.  Very sweet, milky chocolate with creamy Sunbutter.  My son LOVED these and he was so sad when they were all gone!  I think we’ll be buying these in the future!

Caramel Cups

The Caramel Cups were made with milk chocolate and were very interesting.  They almost had a salted caramel flavor to them.  I don’t know if that’s what they were going for, but it was very good.  My son doesn’t really care for caramel, so I didn’t share. :D

Mint Cups

As much as I love a peppermint patty with dark chocolate on the outside and silky, minty goo on the inside, this was the least favorite of mine.  I don’t know if it was my funky preggo taste buds, but the texture was a little grainy and the filling was not white.  That could just be me.  My son did not like these at all.

UPDATE-  It looks like it was just me!  Here’s the explanation for the color and texture of the peppermint patty, from Seth Ellis President, David Lurie: “The mint filling is not white because we use organic cane sugar which contains molasses! Even though we add white chocolate it is impossible to make white. The grainy texture is meant to mimic a peppermint patty. The recipe is a fudge recipe that we re-engineered!“  So there you have it!  Some amazing things going on over at Seth Ellis!

Overall, I was very pleased with the 3 flavors that we liked and I will definitely be ordering them, maybe even for stocking stuffers.  It’s so refreshing to have a company that sees the importance of an alternative candy as well as the dire need for allergy free facilities to ensure no cross contamination occurs.  These products DO contain dairy and there is soy lecithin use in their facility, so please note this if you have issues with that.

I was sent packs of all 4 flavors of cups from Seth Ellis Chocolatier, free of charge.  I was not paid for my opinion and the only influence in my opinion may be this baby that is residing in my womb for the next 6 months.  Can someone pass the Sriracha?

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