Gluten Free Egg Free Pizza Crust

Gluten Free Egg Free Pizza Crust

Seeing as I grew up in St. Louis, where Italian food reigns supreme, it’s only fitting that I’m extremely picky about my pizza.  Home of the cracker-thin crust, every neighborhood restaurant or hole-in-the-wall bar has their own variation, but most don’t stray from the light-as-air crisp crust paired with the STL Italian version of processed cheese: Provel.  I may or may not have such an obsession with the stuff that I cart a large cooler 280 miles, across state lines, just to bring home a pound or two (or 6) of that roped, cheesy, white gold.

Provel cheese: a STL specialty!

We’ve found a few pizza places here in Louisville that we enjoy, like Impellizzeri’s or Wick’s, but nothing comes close to what we can get at home.  We’ve even found Annie May’s Sweet Cafe, where we can get pizza with an allergy free crust on Saturdays.  For pizza at home, though, I hadn’t ventured past using a Food for Life gluten free tortilla with toppings, heated on our pizza stone.  Cheater pizza.

My search for a great pizza crust is OVER!  I was searching for egg free recipes, which as you may know, are sometimes hard to find in the gluten-free baking world.  I have been searching for a lot of recipes on Gluten Free Recipe Box lately, and put “pizza crust” in the search box and found this recipe from Carol Fenster.  And as of right now, I think I’ve found something that I’m even willing to trade my glutinous recipe in for!

Carol Fenster’s Pizza Crust

Who knew gluten free egg free pizza crust could look this good!

Here are a few tips that I want to pass on to you in addition to the directions in the recipe:

  • I let my breadmaker do all of the mixing work for me.  I would only recommend this if you aren’t super sensitive to gluten, unless your breadmaker is dedicated for making gluten free breads.  I put it on the dough cycle and then took it out after it stopped for the first rise.
  • This recipe calls for milk.  If you need a dairy free version, I would recommend using something with a higher fat content, like coconut milk.
  • I had to use at least 1/2 cup of additional rice flour to add to the dough after I turned it out to work with it.  It was still very sticky, so just be warned!
  • I used a preheated pizza stone in my oven for my crust.  Again, only do this if your stone is dedicated to gluten free baking if you are sensitive.  I can get ours clean enough for our sensitivity level.
  • If you use a preheated stone- BE CAREFUL!  I plopped the dough on the stone and after having a cup of water nearby, dunked my fingers in the water to gently spread out the crust.  Make sure you don’t get it too thin, or you will burn your fingers!  After the first bake of 10 minutes, I removed the stone from the oven and loosened the crust from it, using a turner.  I had a small spot that stuck, but it wasn’t too bad and a metal turner helped get it unstuck.
  • I’m so IN LOVE with this crust, that my plan is to prebake (through the first 10 minutes) and either cut it into fourths and freeze for individual servings, or make mini pizza crusts and freeze.  The thing I love about gluten free baking is that almost everything freezes beautifully if you know how to pack it the right way.

I hope you try this pizza crust.  It was SO good and very tasty…and not just a “gluten free” recipe.  I will definitely be using this recipe over and over!

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5 Responses to Gluten Free Egg Free Pizza Crust

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  2. So happy you enjoyed the recipe. I am always happy to see gluten dieters slowly changing over to gluten-free recipes! Our bodies do not digest gluten (wheat, rye and barley). So happy for you! You sound so enthusiastic! Enjoy more pizzas to come. Perhaps you’ll try another recipe, now. :-)

    • Jessica says:

      Thanks, Carla! Our son has a wheat allergy and sometimes we do the whole meal gluten free, but sometimes we don’t. I am definitely a proponent of less grains in our diets in general, and this really helps us! I’m looking forward to trying more recipes from your site!

  3. Excellent! Keep up the great work on how you feed your family! I am very impressed!

  4. Victoria Jessian says:

    Hi I will try this as well as I have been doing research I also think you should try some other recipes I found another website which has been quite helpful and lots of people have seen I suggest you also have a look and comment also put a link to your website as they will be able to have two pizzas to choose from.

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