Paleo Practice

I’m a genius. ;)  I’ve decided that once a week, while my oldest is in school, I’m going to try out more Whole30 and Paleo recipes that I wouldn’t normally be able to cook for him.  Mainly stuff that contains eggs, as I don’t want nut flours flung around my kitchen.  The plus side of this is that I can make a lot of this stuff last for several meals and I can use them for breakfast or lunch, where everyone eats pretty much whatever is there.  For dinner, we all eat the same thing, but lunch is a free-for-all.  I’ve found this works great for when I’m making other allergy-free breakfast sweets as well.  Most things freeze beautifully, so you can make a double batch and store some away for days when you don’t feel like slaving away bright an early in the morning!

Fluffy Coconut Pancakes with Sauteed Chai Bananas and Walnuts

So be on the look out!  This morning’s coconut pancakes turned out great and hopefully I’ll get to post the recipe soon!

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