Whole 60 Challenge

A little while back I posted my thoughts and ponderings on a 1 month challenge I did.  No gluten, grains, dairy, legumes, sugar, artificial sweeteners or processed foods.  For 30 days!  And I did it!  I felt great!  I slept well (or as good as I could having a newborn wake me up every few hours to eat) and fell asleep fast.  I had lots of energy.  Without even trying, I lost 13.5 pounds!

The problem was that while I was supposed to reintroduce foods one at a time, a fateful night of Tex-Mex at our favorite restaurant had me eating grains, beans, dairy and gluten all at once.  I hadn’t fully wrestled all of my sugar and carb demons.  I went on vacation for 2 weeks, where I was left to my own devices food wise, with no one to be accountable to but myself.  Needless to say, I’m back to my old horrible eating habits and I feel like crap!  Why do we go back to the things that we know make us feel awful?  Is the temporary taste of the food worth its further reaching impact on our bodies?

I’ve had a few things creep back that I didn’t realize might be food related, so it will be interesting to see if they disappear:

  • Gas and bloating- I suspect this is from gluten and dairy.  You’d think with all of the veggies, especially cruciferous ones, I would suffocate my family, but the opposite is true.  I had less gas when I ate all of those veggies than I did when I hardly ate veggies at all.  I did realize this was food related, by the way!
  • Eczema on my fingers- this is something I normally experience and it’s not a bad case of it. I didn’t necessarily notice that it was around before I started the challenge, but I’m now noticing it’s back.
  • Dandruff- again, I didn’t really notice it was gone, but now it’s back.
  • Skin tone- much more uneven, like before the original Whole30, and it’s lost the brightness that I had after the challenge.

So I’m starting over.  Only this time, I’m arming myself with a few extra weapons.  I’m going a full 60 days to see if I can get away from draw of sugar.  I’m far enough past my post-partum phase that I can exercise and not worry about being fully recovered from my c-section.  I’m also getting a little more sleep, for the most part, since the baby is sleeping longer at night (woot)!  School has started, which means more of a schedule and being forced to have things a little more organized at home!

I’ll try to post here a few times a week, but I won’t make any promises!  I have 3 kids under the age of 5, a dog that gets us up at 4 am to be let out, and a husband that works a lot of extra hours so I can stay home with our children.  I’m a busy girl!  But don’t fret!  You can still follow my journey by visiting my Facebook page or checking in on Twitter, where I’ll be posting my food pictures (I found this was a great help in the accountability department)!  You can also sign up for email updates from this blog!  Just check out the right hand column————————————>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I have a few readers that have said they want to try this.  Want to join me?  Maybe just for 30 days?  Maybe just give up a few things that would help you make strides in gaining better health?  Leave me a comment below!  I’d love to see who’s coming along side of me in this journey!

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